Professional Flooring Installation Winnipeg

Professional Flooring Installation Services in Winnipeg, MB

Professional Flooring Installation in Winnipeg

Carpets + More For Less Offers Experienced and Professional Flooring Installation in Winnipeg

Now that you’ve found a fantastic floor; one of our incredible LVP or SPC products, a cozy and plush carpet with the most terrific tone to match your interior designs, or a beautiful vinyl floor to finish off your bathroom or kitchen remodelling. Installation can be a lot more than a simple DIY job.

Installing a floor is a very intensive process, and not knowing the right technique, or having the correct experience, could end in disaster or costly damages.

Carpets + More For Less has an experienced team of professional flooring installers in Winnipeg that will make sure the floor you chose is correctly installed, so you can start to enjoy it immediately and continue to enjoy it for many, many years. When you choose Carpets + More For Less to install your flooring; we send an Installer or one of our Flooring Experts to your home to take measurements, and provide you with a quote.

Our flooring installations are backed by a 1-year warranty; giving you confidence in your purchase, and peace of mind.

Ensuring A Successful Installation

When you’ve chosen the flooring of your choice; we’ll acquire the necessary details, and make arrangements to professionally install your new surface. If there are any specific requirements for the installation of your new floor, we will discuss them with you and begin the job only after your approval. The team at Carpets + More For Less is well trained, with decades of flooring experience, and will work with you to make sure that you do not have any issue after your new floor is installed.

If you have any questions regarding the installation after the process is completed, speak with the installer immediately. This will help the flooring installer correct any issues and give you peace of mind if a concern arises.

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Preparing Your Surface for Flooring Installation

To ensure the best installation services, you can help us with the following to prepare your floor for install:

  • Please try to be home during the installation process, as there might be some last-minute decisions to make.
  • Keep children and pets safe, by keeping them away from the installation area(s) during the procedure.
  • It is preferable that the installation area is clutter-free. Please remove any furniture, appliances, and/or plumbing fixtures from the area. Alternatively, our installers can, in some cases, prepare the installation area for an additional fee.
  • Get a licensed professional to disconnect and reconnect the propane and natural gas appliances before and after the flooring installation procedure.
  • The installation area requires access to electricity, must be well lit, and be at the optimal temperature for install: 18 degrees Celsius/65 degrees Fahrenheit, or higher.
  • The installation of a new floor can change the floors current height. Our team will assess these changes and, if necessary, recommend adjustments to your doors to maintain optimal efficiency.
  • No matter what type of floor; our team will thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the surface before installing new flooring. This will assist in minimizing particles, dust, allergens, and mold/mildew on the subfloor.
  • For more assistance, or to book a quote, please contact us.

Floor Installation Services In Winnipeg